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up Geilenkirchen - City in the west

The city Geilenkirchen, located in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia, was emerged at the left bank of the creek 'Wurm' near a ford used already in the Roman time. The ford was secured by a water castle owned by the Dukes of Heinsberg.

The name Geilenkirchen refers to a wooden church (german: Kirche), that probably had been built by a Franc named Geilo. Geilenkirchen is first mentioned in 1170, as a city in 1386.   Read more historical information

Geilenkirchen Haus Basten City rights since the 14th Century (1386)

County capital in the 19th Century

belongs to the district Heinsberg since 1972

in the most western district of Germany

state of North Rhine-Westphalia

GK has about 28 700 inhabitants

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up Geilenkirchen today

The principle "600 years City of Geilenkirchen - and we continue to sleep" apparently valid for a long time, is crumbling at last! Downtown center will be redeveloped. The majority of businessmen is working on a better image. If the few brakeman instead of using brake pads to slow down progress would push instead, it would be great.

The 'city-management' changed their usual attitude of a "night watchman function" (a few years ago exclusively limited to a mere determination and controlling) too. The new spirit, based on the keywords "proximity" and "innovative forward-thinking", has arrived.

Of course, it will take some time before we finally speak of "Listening to the heart of the citizen".

up » Ecclesia erotica «

You will see a grin on Germans faces as they hear "Geilenkirchen". To understand this, you have to know the meaning of "geil" in the German language: "GEIL" will be understood either as "randy / horny" or "brilliant / groovy".

The city got it's name after "Otto von Geylo" in earlier days. "Thousands" of tourists and VIPs had their picture taken at the city boarder signs. Some, since the drove faster than 50 km per hour (by speed traps), others just for the fun of it.

Not just students at the university Aachen, about 20 km away, probably humanistically (re-)educated, were exited hearing the name of our city and named it "Ecclesia erotica". As i heard, some friends got a route description, so they had to take a little detour through our aerea, just to pass E.E. (alias Geilenkirchen) on their way to Aachen.

... and another hint for insiders: Just 8 km apart from Geilenkirchen you will find another funny named Village (at least for Germans): Puffendorf. Puff is a (slang) therm for "house of pleasure".

up NATO Airbase + Zentrum für Verifikationsaufgaben (Selfkantkaserne)

Since 1981, the early warning fleet of NATO (NATO AIRBORNE EARLY FORCE COMMAND'S E-3A COMPONENT) found their home on a former RAF airfield. The Office for Disarmament is located at the Selfkantkaserne (Selfkantbarracks).

The spirit and the economic status of Geilenkirchen has positively changed the impression of our city in recent years, influenced by the many international families living among us.

more info NATO Airbase + Selfkant barracks (Selfkantkaserne)

up ZIP codes

  • 52511 Geilenkirchen all areas
  • 52501 for Mailboxes 1101 - 1193
  • 52502 for Mailboxes 1201 - 1293
  • 52503 for Mailboxes 1301 - 1393
  • 52504 for Mailboxes 1401 - 1434
  • 52505 for Mailboxes 1501 - 1540
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