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Geilenkirchen, Germany, Townships, Communities, Apweiler, Bauchem, Beeck, Bocket, Flahstraß, Gillrath, Grotenrath, Hatterath, Hünshoven, Hochheid, Hoven, Immendorf, Kleinsiersdorf, Kraudorf, Kogenbroich, Leiffarth, Lindern, Neuteveren, Nirm, Niederheid, Nierstraß, Prummern, Süggerath, Teveren, Würm, Waurichen
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Life and shopping doesn't only take place in the center of Geilenkirchen. Living in the affiliated villages has a special charm and is attractive for citizens, who prefer the more quiet country life. Currently, the villages still offer primary schools, restaurants, cafes, bakers, butchers, florists, farm shops and PostShops. Lindern also has a real supermarket!

up13 Districts - Communities
Beeck Geilenkirchen Gillrath Grotenrath Immendorf
Kraudorf Lindern Niederheid Prummern Süggerath
Teveren Tripsrath Würm all Villages

Geilenkirchen Districts Communities

Geilenkirchen, with its approximately 28,700 inhabitants, is divided into 13 districts. 12 of them () are represented in the city council of the city Geilenkirchen by a municipal administrator.

Geilenkirchen, Hünshoven, Bauchem
Gillrath, Hatterath, Nierstraß, Panneschopp
Immendorf, Waurichen, Apweiler
Kraudorf, Nirm, Kogenbroich, Hoven
Teveren, Bocket
Tripsrath, Hochheid, Rischden
Würm, Leiffarth, Flahstraß, Müllendorf, Honsdorf

upCity districts of Geilenkirchen

city districts of Geilenkirchen

upRestructuring 1971
The law on the reorganization and restructuring of municipalities and counties of the area Aachen (Aachen-law) of 14 December 1971 (coming into effect January 1, 1972), the Selfkant Geilenkirchen-Heinsberg district with headquarters in Geilenkirchen was dissolved and the district Heinsberg newly created , which has its administrative centre in Heinsberg.

The up to that date the separate municipality Würm (Community Immendorf-Würm), with the villages of Würm, Immendorf, Leiffarth, Beeck, Flahstraß, Süggerath, Honsdorf and Müllendorf, was disbanded and incorporated to Geilenkirchen.

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up30 villages

upGeilenkirchen and associated villages
Geilenkirchen with all of the incorporated villages has an area of about 83 square kilometer. If you would like to welcome every citizen personally, you would have to shake hands more than 28 700 times.

villages hamlets farms

On a separate page I have collected information and photos on the individual towns. The historical data are taken from Wikipedia: Geilenkirchen villages

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