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To find Geilenkirchen on a map of Germany: In the vertical center of a map of Germany, look on the far left, next to the Dutch border. (Right click to enlarge map)

Geilenkirchen is located about 20 km north of Aachen in the valley of the creek "Wurm". The city straddles both sides the worm valley (approx. 70 m above sea level) on the gently rising slopes, which raise up to about 100 m above sea level. Including the heath Teveren (Teverener Heide) belonging to the city area, GK adjoins directly to the Dutch border.

The town extends on both sides of the small river 'worm' on the gently rising slopes of the Wurm valley, which extends from 70 m above sea level at river level, to rise up to around 100 m.

geografische Lage

upGeilenkirchen city center

The three districts Geilenkirchen, Bauchem (both on the left of the "Wurm") and Hünshoven (right side of the "Wurm") are grown together completely. In the city center the "Wurm" has been built-over for a distance of few hundred meters, so only senior citizens are aware of the former border between Geilenkirchen and Hünshoven.

All other districts are separated by farmland from the city center.

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up Geilenkirchen in the 'Rhineland'

Map above: River 'Rhine' - Show infrastructure with mouseover

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With the new features in Google You can look at a satellite map of Geilenkirchen. The view can be switched to different modes (also presented as Map) and can be zoomed in and out for more details.

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Satelitenaufnahme von Geilenkirchen

up geographical data
Coordinates / geographical location:

50:57:53 N - 50° 57' North
06:07:14 E - 06° 07' East

Lat: N (50.9648) | Lon: E (6.1205)
X: 681300 m | Y: 6581900 m

height: 95 m above sea level
Geilenkirchen County Heinsberg Infrastructure

up Heinsberg - most western county of Germany
By the way, we live in the most western corner of Germany. Consequently, in the district Heinsberg you will find the westernmost landmark of Germany.

Remark: Evil tongues say that after the opening of the eastern border a large number of new citizens came into our region, particularly for that reason.

"Prudence is the better part of valour". First of all, as far west as possible!

From Geilenkirchen you can reach the Netherlands in 10, Belgium in 25 minutes.
Dreiländereck Niederlande - Belgien - Deutschland
Map Right: mouseover = Change, click = full view. Additional maps can be found in the menu 'Maps'.

westernmost landmark of Germany

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