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Intropage Geilenkirchen - overview

Geilenkirchen Burg Trips
Fotos: Geilenkirchen Burg Trips

upImportant facts about the city GK - Overview

coat of arms
On these private pages, by Wilhelm Jansen, you will find information about the city of Geilenkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, written with a sharp pen.

you will see our coat of arms
we belong to North Rhine-Westphalia
regional to the district Heinsberg
here you will find us geographical location
numbers, facts, comments Geilenkirchen
the letters GK lead our license plate
information about weather and climate
historical information world war II in GK

overview Geilenkirchen

our city
city council
city center
geographical location
geological information
river Wurm
coat of arms
world war
license plate
NATO Airbase
Selfkant Kaserne
weather climate
event calender
county Heinsberg
structure county HS
state NRW

reports + reviews:

short reports
news from GK
Redevelopment II
Redevelopment I
shopping center
local elections
parking in GK
1. April

If you are interested, you might want to look at my Geilenkirchen blog. Information and asides to the events in Geilenkirchen with regular updates.

What's on in Geilenkirchen?
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